Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Mount HDMI Splitter + Rig Power

I always find dslr users looking for ways to power their rigs but hadn't heard any mention of this gadget as a possible solution.  The Tekkeon batteries, jag35 power station and even some little 12v power packs are often in the conversation but this little V-Mount 15mm rail mounted HDMI splitter looks pretty interesting. It even provides 1x15v, 2x12v, 1x5v, and 1x7.2v out so you could power an LED light, audio recorder, your Canon DSLR and even a monitor with one battery.  Now the V-Mount batteries aren't cheap but i'd be interested to see how well this thing works.  If anyone out there has used this please leave a comment.  Check it out

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