Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inexpensive Jibs

I'm amazed at all the new fairly inexpensive jibs and cranes that you can find online.  Here are a few that seem to be pretty popular depending on your budget.

The Glideshot 4' Jib > $130 and can also be found in a 6' version.  Here

The Kessler Pocket Jib > a pretty sweet 5.5'-8'setup that comes in at $1200 before base, wheels, optional slider and more goodies. Here

Weifeng 9115 Jib Arm >  Came across this Libec JB30 knockoff last night.  For those of you that are into budget DSLR and DIY gear you probably have heard of Weifeng.  The original Libec JB30 is more than twice the price. Weifeng products often can be found under Fancier or E Image.  This E Image 9116 Jib looks pretty similar.

Floatcam "Dolly Crane" > An amazing slider/jib arm invention. Here

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